Forbes Ranks The Top Ten NFL Fan Bases

I know the Cleveland Browns fans are the best in the land.

Just like you know that your team has the best fans in the land.

However, in the rare instance that one of us is wrong, we can refer to Forbes list of the top ten NFL fan bases. Is it correct? Based on numbers and nerd sweat, yes, I guess it is correct. But really, is it anything more than bragging rights?

Not really.

Unless you are a fan of one of the top ten teams.

10. Chicago Bears
9. Seattle Seahawks
7. Pittsburgh Steelers (tie)
7. Dallas Cowboys (tie)
6. Indianapolis Colts
5. Baltimore Ravens
4. New England Patriots
3. New Orleans Saints
2. Denver Broncos
1. Green Bay Packers

They based these rankings on five different criteria. Two were hometown reach, as determined by Nielsen Scarborough percentage of the metropolitan area population that watched, attended or listened to a game (told you, nerd sweat) and three years worth of Nielson TV ratings. So basically, how is your team supported in its own town?

The next was attendance at the stadium over the last three seasons, based on the capacity reached. This metric was based on how close you were to a 100% sellout. For instance, in Denver before Peyton Manning got there, they had three consecutive seasons below capacity. In the two years since, they have reached 100.7% and 101% capacity.


Next they looked at NFL merchandise sales ( Jersey sales, hats, etc. all went toward ranking these teams.

Lastly, they measured the reach of social media for each team. Forbes used a combination of Facebook likes and Twitter followers based on the team’s metro area population.

So, like I said earlier. Forbes really dumped a bunch of numbers, analytics and nerd sweat into this ranking but really, I don’t think it means anything at all. It most definitely has no correlation to the product on the field. The Dallas Cowboys are on there and they have won just one playoff game since 1996.

Go Browns!