Washington Redskins rumored to change name to ‘Bravehearts’

There are rumors surrounding the Washington Redskins organization that the team will soon change its name to the “Bravehearts.”

These suspicions have been brought about by a TMZ report (take from it what you will):

Redskins owner Dan Snyder lives in Potomac, Maryland, a few doors down from a very rich dude, Aris Mardirossian. Aris, a wealthy patent investor, registered the name, WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS on October 17th.   According to the Trademark application, obtained by TMZSports, Aris plans to use the name for “Entertainment in the nature of football games.”

Aris also created a company called Washington Brave Hearts, LLC on the same day — Oct. 17th.  We’ve also obtained the LLC docs but there are no specifics.

According to the report, Daniel Snyder and Mardirossian are neighbors who became friendly while fighting county property maintenece ordinances. The two also share a University of Maryland connection.

Right now this is just hearsay, but anything regarding Snyder and his Washington franchise is news these days.

There could be merit behind Mardirossian’s LLC, or he could be trolling the public alongside his billionaire buddy. Who knows, maybe it’s a new trend to purchase Trademarks that may-or-may-not be the Redskins’ new name.

All we can definitively say is that anyone remotely connected to Dan Snyder is in the media’s crosshairs.

  • Fred Hicks

    Changing the REDSKINS name will be catastrophic. They will be & always have been The Redskins. These protest are wrong & the people who are pushing this issue are lost just plain LOST on what this team has stood for past & present and future.The Redskins history is great & should not be forgotten. GO Redskins.