Nick Saban assistant coach is afraid his ‘you know what’ is going to run away

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When dealing with the Alabama Crimson Tide, coach Nick Saban has proven to the nation there is plenty to fear.

For years, opposing defensive fronts have been stupefied by the hard-nosed running of Mark Ingram, then Trent Richardson, and now Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon.

Secondaries have had to honor the nation’s most efficient quarterback in AJ McCarron and his offensive line, which has been littered with All-Americans for the last half decade.

Don’t even get us started on the defense, which finished at No. 1 in the nation in points allowed in 2012 even after losing several starters to the NFL Draft.

Now, however, men far closer to Saban’s inner circle must fear something as well — but it is not middle linebacker CJ Moseley and his bone-rattling hits.

That coach is worried about his, well, his you-know-what. And you know why? For the same reason folks’ you-know-whats are afraid of Chuck Norris.

Can’t let that bad boy run away for fear, can you? No, no you can’t, so you had might as well hang on for dear life.

This dude did, and it seems to be working out perfectly for him, wouldn’t you think so?

Michigan’s jorts party seems to be working out just fine for the Wolverines’ basketball team as well.