Nick Saban Is No Stranger To Gay Football Players, Has No Problem Signing Them

One of the hottest topics surrounding American sports lately has been the acceptance of openly gay athletes. With the SEC’s annual Spring Meetings kicking off in Destin on Tuesday, you had to believe that the nation’s most powerful football conference would once again visit the issue – especially in the wake of SEC Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam.

When asked about recruiting and signing a gay player, Alabama head coach Nick Saban told reporters that sexual preference wouldn’t deter him. Saban stated that being around a team with a gay player is nothing new to him.

While still a very hot topic among Americans, it seems as though each passing day the door opens just a little bit more to accepting individuals for who they are, and not their sexual preference. The fact that simple conversations can be had nowadays with nonchalant answers like Saban’s speaks volumes.