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Nick Saban ‘Appears’ To Hate This Reporter’s Question

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Nick Saban stepped to the podium in the beginning of the week to address reporters for the first time since returning from spring break. In true Saban fashion, he decided to hate on one individual’s question. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a press conference without Saban putting the media in its place. The following transcript, courtesy of Coaching Search:

Reporter: “Nick, you have what appears to be quality depth along the defensive line. Just wondering how you would access that group thus far.”

Saban: “Why would you… we lost two starters there, is that right? What does ‘appear’ mean? Does it mean you dreamed about it and it’s just there?”

Reporter: “It looks like on paper…”

Saban: “On paper? What it looks like on paper? We’ve never seen these guys play or seen them take on an SEC lineman or anything like that but it appears? I like that… ‘it appears.’ So that’s how we form public opinion because something ‘appears’ that way so we make it that way and then everybody believes it that way.

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