Nick Saban pulls off most Nick Saban photobomb ever [Photo]

nick saban photobomb

Yes, that is Nick Saban pulling off the most Nick Saban-esque photobomb ever during Alabama’s graduation ceremony.

Now, Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat knows how to photobomb. So does ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas.

Those two guys, however, don’t have to be all business all the time. Bosh, as a player on a championship-caliber team, can horse around a little bit after the Heat beats up on teams like Milwaukee and such. Bilas is a TV personality who let’s his, well, personality shine through during broadcasts.

As for Mr. Saban, there is generally no horsing around. He did not build the nation’s most powerful football program by rocking out at frat parties in Tuscaloosa or dragging kegs into the locker room.

And yet, here he is, pulling off some sort of photobomb, and we’re loving it.

Phase 2 for Mr. Saban? Cracking a smile, of course.

h/t: SB Nation, via Bradley Harris and Smart Football

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