Nike unveils Team USA hockey jerseys for 2014 Olympics

Photo: Heidi Burgett/Twitter

Photo: Heidi Burgett/Twitter

With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics approaching quickly, Nike has officially unveiled what our hockey stars will be wearing against the rest of the world’s best.

We are in love with the USA crest in front, and the simplicity of the overall design does a fantastic job of allowing said crest to just speak for itself.

However, those shoulders. Going with stars was a great idea, especially on the blue. Not just not quite sold on the high-gloss finish.

Here’s a look at David Backes sporting the new threads.

And the back of Ryan McDonagh’s jersey.

  • tyba

    I think they’re horrid. I don’t like the crest, the glossy stars, or the fake laces. I hope they have an alternate jersey, I was planning on buying one this year.

  • Ron S

    Whoever at Nike designed this jersey needs to be fired! Fake laces! Come on how cheap can we be? This is not something I would want our atheletes to wear to represent our country! I hope the US Olympic Commitee does something about this. It is obvious that whoever designed this was the same person who designed the Tuxedo T-Shirt!

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  • EddYt

    What idiot came up with this “design” it’s F’N horrible, the players should refuse to wear it. The only thing that could make it worse would be adding the flying Elvis NE Patriots logo.

  • Catcher

    Old school look– not bad,but not great looking, either.

    Very generic looking.

    The phoney “laces” and oversized “Nike Swish” logo have to go, otherwise it’s okay for the Olympics.


  • leaponover

    Fake laces alone ruin the whole friggin thing, but i’m cool with the rest

  • Guest

    The black stars ruin it for me.

  • Bob.O

    The fake lace looks awful. The glossy black stars make it even worse. This looks like a kindergartener’s art project gone wrong. What’s next? Bedazzled jewels?

  • hockeymadeintheusa

    What country are they made in? It’s not the USA, anyone that buys or wears these should be banned from the USA!!!

  • lonespot

    These are real ugly. Did they get them from China?