Video: North Carolina-Iowa State Controversial Clock Ending

The North Carolina-Iowa State game had enough drama to support a daytime soap opera. After Iowa State guard DeAndre Kane hit a layup to push the Cyclones ahead 85-83 with just over a second left, the Tar Heels inbounded the ball. Nate Britt drove up the court, and called a timeout after he crossed half court. That’s when the controversy ensued. The clock ran out, but the refs huddled to make a decision if time should be put back on, giving the Tar Heels one last shot. In the end, they ruled that the clock was started late and therefore the game was over, sending UNC home on a game-ending failed timeout.

Do you think North Carolina should have received more time? Sound off below!

[Video via College Spun]

  • FedEmpNJ

    The business with the clock should not even have been an issue if the clock operator was on the ball. Even before the final bucket, on the previous play, it was very obvious that the clock was started late. On that inbounds play, with the clock at 15.7 seconds, the player taking the inbounds bounced the ball THREE times before the clock began to move. I replayed the DVR to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. You could actually HEAR the ball bounce on the floor and the clock stayed frozen at 15.7 seconds. If the clock operator had started the clock correctly on that inbounds play, then the final clock question would have never happened.

  • JeffW

    Carolina should have been given more time. The clock stopped .2 to .3 seconds late after Iowa St. make the basket, and there was .5 to .7 seconds left on the clock when UNC called time. There should have been between .7 and 1.0 seconds left on the clock when time out was called. Granted, the clock started late after Carolina inbounded, but there is no clock by which to judge the amount it was late. You can just guess about it (and even if you did, it certainly doesn’t look like it started .7 to 1.0 seconds late on the inbound). If I was a ref, I would have gone with the time clock having offsetting starting errors, ignored those amounts, and given Carolina the time that was on the clock when they called time out — .7 seconds.

    • JeffW

      Edits: after Iowa St. “made” the basket; You “CAN”T” just guess about it.