Jeff Withey block makes North Carolina kids cry, Tar Heels hurt so bad

north carolina kid crying

If North Carolina could have ended the game in the first half, this GIF would have never existed.

Luckily for us, they have to play two halves, and the Jayhawks completely embarrassed the Tar Heels.

Jeff Withey is making kids cry, literally.

Don’t worry little guy, Roy Williams cries at night over Bill Self.


  • bibol

    I cried too. Whitney can not be this good. He cannot jump, not athletic and wrong ethnic group. Ben is the star at KU. He is a one and done. I heard this all year. Traylor is a lot better player then Ben. If they leave Ben in long enough. Eventually he will score lots of points. GO KU.

  • Fitim

    ha-ha well done withey your a Beast great block welcome to RIp CITY