Notre Dame fans predict big win over Alabama in 2013 BCS National Championship [Video]

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Notre Dame fans predict big win over Alabama. What do you think about their predictions? On the money, or way off?

Share your thoughts below!

2013 BCS National Championship game: The Road to 15 hype video

  • Nanci Crocker

    OMGosh that idiot says shut out??? ROLL TIDE ROLL!

  • Bobbie

    Notre Dame just ain’t met the SEC yet!

    • BamaViK77

      This will be as enjoyable as what we did to LS-Who? last year. <3 RTR <3

  • BamaViK77

    LOL, that’s what LSU thought last yr!!!! If you haven’t been living under a freaking rock, you already know that. ND apparently has a few fans that act like LSU fans. ABSOLUTELY NO CLASS WHATSOEVER! (Miss turning up the “jug” on the vodka). ALABAMA’S on a business trip, once business is finished (aka plucking the 4 leaf clover boys) we’ll bring the trophy back to T-TOWN & then get ready for #16 next year!!!!!!!!! <3 ROLL TIDE <3 (By the way, those folks in VEGAS & around the world aren't stupid in their predictions! LOL)