Notre Dame’s ‘Shamrock Series’ football uniforms for Arizona State game are insane

Photo: Darren Rovell/Twitter

Photo: Darren Rovell/Twitter

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will be playing Arizona State in AT&T Stadium (the Dallas Cowboys’ home turf) on October 5. We had presumed the squad would be looking good, but this good?

Known as the Shamrock Series, we begin with a hyper-slick shoulder pad clover. It goes great with the matching clover on the helmet. We are loving how the solid gold works well with the flecked helmet, separated by a simple green outline. The green facemask and gloves are both a great touch as well. The base white look in the jersey and pants is clean and simple, allowing the gold an even brighter pop.

Adidas has earned some flack recently for continuing to force things like sleeved basketball jerseys down our throats, but what we have here is a total success.

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