Notre Dame’s Under Armour deal worth most in NCAA history

Under Armour just landed a whale in the form of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. On Tuesday, the two parties formally introduced the 10-year deal to America, which will begin in summer of 2014. The school was previously inked to competitor adidas.

According to sources of ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the contract is worth approximately $90 million. That mark eclipses the $82 million deal Michigan signed with adidas, making it the largest in NCAA history.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick is thrilled about the new partnerships, stating, “We love the company we are partnering with and we can’t wait to grow with them. We don’t believe we’re partnering with a $2 billion company. We’re partnering with a $20 billion company.”

In addition to the dollar value, Rovell also points out that the university could have the ability to trade cash for Under Armour stock. If Swarbrick’s inkling in regards to Under Armour’s future growth is correct, the option for stock could potentially increase the deal a significant amount.