Photo: NY Daily News compares Nazi, Confederate flags to Redskins

The New York Daily News posted photos of the Nazi, Confederate and Washington Redskins flags next to one another along with the byline, “Archaic Symbols of Pride and Heritage.”

We get the point they’re trying to make, but this argument is a fallacy. The first two symbols represent violence/genocide, whereas the Redskins nickname is a slur.

If a person bears a swastika are they a nazi sympathizer? Yes, probably. Just because a person has a Redskins bumper sticker, flag, or tattoo, are they bigoted against Native Americans? No, probably not.

[H/T: DC Sports Bog, via @SLilly2321 and @SamoaBeau]

  • Chuck

    This is the Dumbest article/editorial I’ve ever seen. I didn’t see a Black Panther Flag or any other more offensive flags included in this. Who ever wrote this article is a racist. Unless you are a Native American, Shut your pie-hole about it. Does anyone actually think that the name Redskins was meant as a slur when the team was first named? It was meant to be just the opposite. Find something better to invest your energy into.

    • Deamhan

      Well said. The folks crying over this probably want everything related to American Indians destroyed. Plus like you stated. The ones crying over this are the true racists. They are not Christian that’s for sure. According to Christianity we are all one race, but different cultures. It’s a shame the fools in America are using this garbage to raise American kids to be brainwashed Politically Correct Idiots..

  • ob

    your a moron! you really have no idea what the confederate flag represents! because it is not violence or genocide like the Nazi symbol. and No it does not represent slavery, like the media and libs lead people to believe. as far as the redskins name for a team, it has nothing to do with racism or violence so how about everyone whining just get over it. If the team folds under the whining they suck! Have a pair of BALLS! for pete sake!

  • Hokahey Hockey

    The symbol is more than a slur. It was posted on the offices of State Governments in the 19th century to tell bounty hunters to say that their office would pay money for proof of murdered Indians, such as a “scalp.” States like Minnesota and Wisconsin began offering money to murder First Nations during the Civil War. Bounty hunters (or murderers of First Nations People) were often illiterate, so the “Indian head” image was used to convey the “service”. This meaning and usage has been “forgotten”. As to the term “redskins”, it was — and still is — the demeaning term for our dead bodies. It’s the equivalent to the “N” word for people of African ancestry. What is wrong with our country that we can remember the genocide of the Jews but we cannot speak the truth about our own history?

  • krazy kracker

    The Confederate flag doesnt represent hate its heritage! Dont say its hate because of some not everyone is racist when it comes to pride of this flag. I wear one on my shoulder for my roots and proud to show it off. Everyone I know has seen it and nobody is scared or disrespected by it because they know why I have it

  • Steve Ryan

    Is this an attempt by a dying Newspaper to stay relevant? Worried the newspaper employees may have to get a real job? Also, please tell me something an athlete said and why it was wrong because I care. Please help me form my worldview because I can’t think for myself and I need to know what is wrong with the world and how a reporter wants to fix it.

  • longhair

    whenI see that redskin flag I think of a big red potato!!!!

  • speedle24

    What crock of moronic propaganda. The Confederate flag along side the Nazi flag???? The Confederate flag represented states trying to secede from the Union. Forget about the slavert aspect because there were slaves in the North as well. The bottom line is that flag did not invade countries, gas Jews, and create worldwide havoc like the Nazis. A lot of Americans died in the name of the Confederate flag and it deserves some respect. Race baiting morons can kiss my —s.

    • Richie Stasio


  • Adolf

    It’s from a New York paper….who cares. The same city that tells you how much soda pop to drink because they are so much smarter than the rest of the US….LOL.

  • liberals are laughable

    DEMOCRATS gone wild. Obama your cattle are going crazy. Either put them down or get them back in your reservation.

  • Winchester Juan

    So then They must change the name of the Florida St.Seminole in which the translated meaning is run away slave…hhmmm

  • Wolf

    Goddamn! The person that put this together is a complete and utter idiot! First, you can not compare the nazi flag to the Confederate Battle flag. One was perverted into being a symbol of hate and vile disregard for human life. The other is exactly what it is, a Battle flag. It does not represent slavery or hate or bigotry. Second, to compare the name Redskins to Nazis or (stupidly) to slavery in the south, is low and uncalled for. No one is making fun of anyone by using the name Redskins or Indians or Chiefs or Seminoles etc. On the contrary, they are calling on the heroic actions and fierce nature of our native brothers and sisters. Just stop!

    • D Helms

      Get job on your reply. I with you on your reply.

  • maxcat07

    Call me a moronic liberal Democrat (oh, wait, you already did), but I love it! I live in the south and find the Confederate flag
    repulsive. It’s a symbol of a heritage, true, but one that fought to keep slavery. The states rights argument is a lot of revisionist history. As for the Redskins, ask the Native Americans. From what I’ve heard, they don’t care for the name. Haven’t we taken enough from them? I have an alternate suggestion; keep the Redskins name, and change the team logo to a potato. No foul, no name change, no big men talking about pie-holes and “Christians” (now that’s a good one), or balls (not footballs), or battle flags, or other utter nonsense. Native Americans were on this continent far longer than we have been now; it’s about time someone gives a little thought about them. As for the Seminoles (or the Braves, or any other team), I’m not one to say. Those names don’t seem as reactionary. The tomahawk chop of the Atlanta Braves is a bit much, but then maybe because you hear it 150 times in one game.

  • Larryb

    This isn’t just dumb it’s totally ignorant. This team has had the same emblem forever and now it’s racist? This is the same thing the NCAA said to the University of Illinois because of theirs symbol, the Fighting Illini. Are we gonna let these people run us and tell us what and how we should live People? This is just total Bullshit and they will get away with it…

  • laabix .

    The blue star flag is NOT NOT NOT NOT the Confederate Flag, so it’s idiotic on its face.

    • D Helms

      Good job laabix

  • Richie Stasio


  • D Helms

    Get a life. My family has Native American Heritage and they believe it is an honor for a team to want to use a native American as a symbol for their team. The team is devoted to team work, devoted to winning, devoted to trying their best, and competing an a level only few people achieve. These people need to get a job find something to do with their lives besides complain about everything.
    Now we have the President and Congress weighing in on this and they can not do their own job, i.e. pass a budget, keep the government open, get affordable health care web site running, compromise, tell the truth about Benghazi (but what does it matter now) or do what we elected them to do – lead by example. If they wanted to use this name then I would be upset and demand they change it.

  • James Cannon

    I don’t see the analogy of the Redskins team and the Nazi flag, but if he wants to make it, so be it. Leave the Confederate flag out though, as it has nothing to do with either the Redskins or the Nazis.

  • Kevin Roberts

    It’s not just the slur. When one takes and uses the slur it brings all the history, suffering, and meaning that that slur comes with it. Whether you like it or not the slur does have a history of genocide and violence, much like any derogatory and well known slur for Jews and Blacks. It is simply just being seen as only a symbol of sports and fandom to those communities respectively. All one needs to do is open a history book and do some research to see the relationship to the slur on the history Native Americans in the United States.

    Many people see black people around and their communities and see and acknowledged the suffering they have endured, but it is quite clear that anybody can see there are far fewer Native Americans than black people.

    When looking at the grad scheme of things the one thing that can be arguably more ridiculous than requesting the name to be changed is the unwillingness to change it.