NY Jets to try to trade Tim Tebow, one NFL GM “thinks his career as a quarterback is over”

The Tim Tebow and New York Jets saga continues to weigh on. On Super Sunday, ESPN’s NFL expert Adam Schefter reported that the Jets will not release Tebow just yet.

Instead, the franchise will hold onto the backup quarterback in order to test the trade market and determine which kind of value they can get in return for him.

The one problem with trading Tebow is that at this point he is almost un-tradable. According to one NFL GM: “I think his career is over without playing another position.”

New Jacksonville Jaguars GM David Caldwell made it very clear that he has no desire to bring the hometown hero back to North Florida. On top of that, star tight end Marcedes Lewis does not “want a project.”

One landing spot that has been circling the rumor mill is the Chicago Bears. The franchise just hired Jim Tresman, who has been a Tebow supporter since day one, and has even been open about his belief that Tebow could start in the NFL given the “right environment.”

It remains to be seen however, if there’s a team out there that is willing to put Tebow’s skills to use in the right system.

Schefter also reported that “there are members of the Jets organization who regret not giving Tebow a chance last season to prove whether he could succeed at quarterback.”

Tebow was on the field for a total of 77 plays for the Jets last season (21st on the team), threw eight total passes, and carried the ball 41 times (32 as a back, nine from the wildcat package).

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