NY Jets were afraid of ‘Tebowmania’ and the effect on Mark Sanchez

Tebow Time in New York has all but come to an end. The question now arises, would it have ever worked out in the first place?

The NY Post recently reported on the news that Tebow will be traded/released by the Jets this spring, citing the following on ‘Tebowmania’ and how the Jets had no clue what they were doing:

“Rex [Ryan] and Tony [Sparano] had no idea how to use him,” the source said.

The Jets seem to have traded for Tebow without thinking it through. The story they tell is general manager Mike Tannenbaum and coach Rex Ryan came up with the idea over ice cream at Newark Airport. Two days later, Tebow was a Jet, costing the team a fourth-round draft pick and $2.5 million to the Broncos for money they had already paid Tebow.

Nine months later, the marriage has gone totally sour after the Jets humiliated Tebow this week by naming Greg McElroy the starting quarterback instead of Tebow after benching Mark Sanchez. Sources said Tebow was “fuming” when he found out Tuesday.

There was also the “Tebowmania” factor. One source described the organization as “frozen with fear” that Tebow would actually excel, creating a quarterback controversy that would wreck Sanchez’s psyche. Tebow wound up being more effective as the personal protector on the punt team than as an offensive player.

Rex Ryan and Jets’ management brought in Tebow to motivate Sanchez, but what they didn’t realize is that Sanchez is, in reality, just not that good.

So what was the plan should Sanchez fail to excel? Well, there seems to have not been one. Instead, they used Tebow’s skill sets in every manner to allow him not to succeed.

Why again is Rex Ryan a head coach in the NFL? We are still trying to figure this one out.

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  • Txan15

    99% of people with any common sense figured that out months ago. So glad I could never bring myself to buy a Jets Jersey.