NY Times’ front page features Alex Rodriguez photos taken on iPhone, in Yankees’ bathroom [Photos]

a-rod yankees photos shot with iphone in bathroom

Image via micropolisnyc.tumblr.com.

If this doesn’t show exactly how far technology has come, nothing will. The New York Times, in a front-page feature of the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, utilized the work of a professional photographer, Nick Laham.

But Mr. Laham did not use any professional photography equipment.

Insanely enough, Laham took the pictures of A-Rod on his iPhone — and in the Yankees’ locker room bathroom.

Is your mind blown yet? No?

In that case, does the fact that Getty Images is licensing his entire series for future use by the media corporation do anything for you? That’s right, Laham’s photos of A-Rod, Derek Jeter, CC Sabathia and all the rest — taken with his Instagram account, mind you — are now going to be utilized by one of the biggest photography companies in the world.

One might assume that with the Yankees’ $200 million-plus 2013 budget, they could have scored a superstar camera for the shots of their superstars.

But then again, Laham didn’t even need it.

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yankees a-rod photos iphone locker room bathroom

Photo via micropolisnyc.tumblr.com.

h/t: Micropolis: NYC