Video: Ohio gets called for bogus safety in loss to Buffalo

Forget every positive thing you have ever heard about the use of instant replay. After watching the following play from Tuesday night’s MAC showdown between Ohio and Buffalo, something needs to change.

With the score close at 7-3 in the third quarter, Bobcats quarterback Tyler Tettleton was pursued by a bevy of Bulls pass-rushers. While still well outside of his own end zone he threw the ball away. Tettleton was properly penalized for intentional grounding; however the refs also called a safety.

Despite having replay capabilities, the call stood because the play was deemed not reviewable. Buffalo took a 9-3 lead and gained possession on a free kick.

The play was big in terms of momentum, as Buffalo would go on to blow out the Bobcats, 30-3.

Watch the clip below. Does this ruling look as awful to you as it does to us?