Ohio State to wear chrome ‘Rivalry’ helmets vs Wisconsin?


Photo: Fansided

We had already known that Ohio State would be wearing its alternate Nike “Rivalry” uniforms against Wisconsin on Saturday. Now we get an up close and personal look at what are believed to be the chrome helmets – it’s hard to get a gauge in this photo, but they appear to be very similar to, if not the same as, last year’s lids.

Most chrome domes are just bright for the sake of being crazy-bright. Not these, though. The reflection in the red, white and black striping down the middle is of a softer tone. Definitely still eye-catching, and it sets off extremely well against the silver on both sides (the side on our left looks gold, but that is likely just a result of the lighting on the helmet).

Coach Urban Meyer may be hoping Wisconsin is too impressed by the fresh lids to see quarterback Braxton Miller go whirring past in The Shoe.

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