Ohio State’s Evan Spencer takes shot at Alabama, FSU: ‘We’d wipe the floor with both of them’

The race for the BCS title game has turned into a two-dog race with both Alabama and FSU separating themselves from the field. While the two programs have looked the most dominant teams, they aren’t the only ones sporting an undefeated record.

Sitting just behind the Tide and Seminoles, in the ever-frusturating No. 3-spot, are Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes.

Barring a loss from one of the top two, it seems like Ohio State will be left out of the national championship game.

If you were to ask Ohio State wide receiver Evan Spencer, however, Alabama and FSU wouldn’t even stand a chance against the Buckeyes.

That is a bold statement from Spencer.

There’s no doubt that the Buckeyes can compete with anyone in the country, but wiping the field with the Tide and Seminoles is a whole different ball game.

We’d love to hear what AJ McCarron and Jameis Winston had to say about Spencer’s comment. Better yet, we’d love it if the College Football Playoff was instituted one year earlier.