Oklahoma coach Cale Gundy trolls Nick Saban on Twitter

Oklahoma Sooners running back coach Cale Gundy must’ve had some idle hands on Tuesday night, which usually isn’t a good thing when Twitter is laying around.

Gundy decided it was the right time to troll Nick Saban in 140 characters or less. He tweeted (and then deleted) the following:

ou coach gundy nick saban tweet

There are just so many “short” jokes to be had with Saban.

Gundy followed with an apology, which has also been deleted – because you know, if you just get rid of it, it never was there in the first place.

ou coach gundy nick saban tweet 1

Am I the only one picturing Bob Stoops, Gundy and the rest of the OU coaching staff sitting around the office, chowing down on some pizza, and giggling like school children over these tweets, only to realize a few minutes too late that it maybe wasn’t a good idea?

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[via SDS]