Report: Oklahoma Star LB Frank Shannon Accused Of Sexual Assault

Oklahoma Sooners star linebacker Frank Shannon has been accused of sexual assault, according to a report from The Oklahoman. The incident in question occurred at an off-campus apartment on Jan. 20 between Shannon and a female student.

OU sports reporter Jason Kersey provides the following take on the events said to have transpired:

According to the report, Shannon said the woman laid on top of him, kissed him and removed her own clothing. Shannon said he asked if she was menstruating, and that the woman said, “No,” at which point they argued about it and Shannon left to go to the bathroom.

The report states that Shannon said the woman is accusing him because she wanted to set him up for a rape charge, or that she was embarrassed that he wouldn’t have sex with her.

The report includes text messages between the woman and the friend who called police. In that conversation, the woman said she was raped.

Despite the female claiming to have been raped, the text messages which followed only manage to make one wonder what actually took place at the apartment.

Also, a few hours later, the friend sent the woman a text message apologizing for calling the police, saying she only did it to protect her.

The woman responded, saying the “last thing” her sorority needs is this kind of media attention involving the football team.

Shannon led the Sooners with 92 total tackles in 2013, seven of which went for a loss. He also added two sacks, one interception and one forced fumble.

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