Ole Miss Rebels fined $5,000 for rushing the field following Egg Bowl win

Mississippi Rebels fans celebrate by holding up the Egg Bowl trophy after their victory against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Mississippi Rebels defeated the Mississippi State Bulldogs 41-24. (Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE)

This may sound like a joke, and after all the smiles and laughs Rebels fans shared following their team’s first Egg Bowl win since 2008, one might be led to assume that is was, indeed, just a quirky attempt at some NCAA tomfoolery.

However, it was not the NCAA who fined the program $5,000, but the SEC.

But just like the NCAA, the Southeastern Conference is not messing around.

For the first time since 2008, Ole Miss had beaten its intra-state rival. With the win, first year coach Hugh Freeze and his program earned bowl-eligibility for the first time since 2009.

Fans celebrated what was a far cry from the 2-10 debacle last season the only way fans across the country have ever known how to celebrate: By rushing the playing field.

Unfortunately, in an email sent to the media by the conference, such behavior is no longer protocol in the nation’s strongest conference.

“Access to competition areas shall be limited to participating student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly credentialed individuals at all times. For the safety of participants and spectators alike, at no time before, during or after a contest shall spectators be permitted to enter the competition area. It is the responsibility of each member institution to implement procedures to ensure compliance with this policy.”

It was Ole Miss’ first offense, thus resulting in the aforementioned $5,000 fine. Should the SEC observe further behavior of the same ilk (feel free to scoff at the ludicrous ruling at any time, by the way) the fines may increase to $25,000 and even all the way up to $50,000 as deemed necessary by the conference rules committee.

From now on, fans may be forced to simply rush the bars surrounding their respective home stadiums following massive wins, instead of the playing field in question.

How do you feel about this ruling, Gamedayr Nation?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Ufgatorjb

    Interesting. All fans were given access to the field in college station after the Texas am game but did not hear about them being fined

    • AggieNuke

      TAMU doesn’t give access till all players/coaches/staff have left the field. Exception being one game in 2010 (OU or Nebraska)

  • Robbie

    I like it. I think fans should act like you elected to win the game. I you expect I win there is no reason to rush the field. I think it reflects fanbases and schools poorly when fans rush the field. No matter how big of win it is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Seabeeeze Barbara Ridgway

      Robbie… I sooooooo disagree! If the fans want to rush the field to congratulate their team so what??? It’s been done a million a one times, no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to continue. I’m proud of the fact that my team is in the SEC, but this is tyranny at it’s worst.

      • Robbie

        There is a reason the SEC is the class of College Football. We have the absolute most passionate fans in the world, I personally think when fans rush the field it comes across as “Oh my God, our team has never won before!!!” In the words of the great Coach Herm Edwards: “You Play To Win The Game… HELLO!” But another great thing is it doesnt really matter what we think… Just what Mike Slive thinks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.christensen.773 Richard Christensen

    thats b s

  • http://twitter.com/BeAngieP Angela Pierce

    That’s ridiculous! This is college ball not the pros! Let these guys and their fans enjoy their win without petty rules and penalties!

  • http://www.facebook.com/khenson64 Kevin Henson

    Straight B.S.! I think fans should now rush the field even if their team loses. Fans should let the SEC know who is boss. It is our money that has made them what they are today. If this kind of policy continues I think a boycott on watching SEC games on TV would wake them up and I don’t expect the boycott would last long!

  • pjmaxx

    Total BS.. if not for the fans the SEC WOULD DIE A VERY QUICK DEATH.. Seems to me there are other games/teams should also be fined.. Maybe we all should storm the field win or lose to protest this BS.. They start fining teams/schools means it will cost even more to enjoy a game.. I just hate stupid people!!

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  • Papa_Dawg_85

    SEC football derives it’s dominance from the passion and loyalty of it’s fans. Rushing the field after a big win has been a tradition for over 100 years. However, living in the litigious world of the 21st century is a big concern. I’m positive that the SEC is trying to protect the safety of the players and fans. In stadiums that hold 100k people, you can’t have uncontrolled masses of people. It’s a recipe for a tragedy.

  • HairyDawg71

    I think it’s dumb. I do consider the safety aspect, but, this is College Football and students and fans are rabid (as they should be) when it comes to winning. Let it go and rethink this new law. Go Dawgs!!!!

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