Ole Miss Rebels star Marshall Henderson takes to Twitter as the Madness continues

marshall henderson ole miss beer pong drunk party 2013

Hate him all you want, the man has swag. Mad swag. (Photo via @denzelnkemdiche)

The Ole Miss basketball program was at a point where most SEC hardwood teams have found themselves recently: In the gutter and ignored by a fan base paying far more attention to Spring football.

The wild’n’out, landsharkin’, Gator chompin’, three-point drillin’ Marshall Henderson has changed all that, however, and quickly. After starting off ice cold, Henderson lit the court on fire against Florida to lead his team to the SEC tournament championship, and he pulled his tale-of-two-halves routine off once again against Wisconsin in the Round of 64 in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

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But that wasn’t even the best part. At this point, fans have prepped themselves for some hilarious tweets out of this dude, and he did not disappoint.



What LeBron tweet is he talking about? Basically, not even the King knows what it’s like to be able to shoot from anywhere on the court at any time.

It’s good to be the King — er, at least the subject of one of his tweets.