Oregon D-Coordinator Nick Aliotti rips Mike Leach, calls him ‘low class’

Following Saturday night’s 62-38 win over Washington State, Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti ripped Mike Leach for the way he coached the end of the game. Aliotti was upset that Leach continued to throw the ball even when the game was beyond out of reach for the Cougars.

“That’s total (B.S.) that he threw the ball at the end of the game like he did,” Aliotti said. “And you can print that and you can send it to him, and he can comment, too. I think it’s low class and it’s (B.S.) to throw the ball when the game is completely over against our kids that are basically our scout team.”

“Make sure he knows that. Because I don’t really care.”

“I am kind of stunned he would keep his quarterback and crew in there,” Aliotti said. “And still he threw the ball with 20 seconds left. But he did. They want stats, they got stats. But we got the most important stat and that’s the ‘W’ and we are happy about that.”

If you are thinking to yourself, “this is the most absurd argument I’ve ever heard,” that’s because it is. Aliotti is complaining that Leach’s team was instructed to continue to play until the final whistle blew – the very first thing a kid is taught when he starts playing competitive sports.

The fact that Aliotti’s defense gave up a couple of late touchdowns, making the final score look less impressive, sounds like he should have done a better job of coaching until the very end himself.

  • SanDiegohitched

    James, calm down. Aliotti is thinking about the kids and the right thing to do. Don’t you remember how Oregon takes a knee at the end of their games? It’s called class. Wow..you must hate the Ducks. Too many biast reporting these days. From government to sports. Sad.

  • Kjell Sherman

    Aliotti is just acknowledging that point spreads do matter to poll voters, no matter what anyone says. They frame perception. That’s what’s truly stupid. http://www.daily-player.com/ncaa-football/ducks-smash-wazzu-62-38-claim-leach-ran-up-the-score