Oregon Ducks will not wear two ‘Mach Speed’ uniforms for Alamo Bowl

Shortly after the Oregon Ducks unveiled the team’s two new “Mach Speed” uniform designs, a few outlets began pondering whether or not the team would wear both during the Alamo Bowl game. Common sense would say no, but inevitably the thought led to a rumor growing some legs.

A quick search and one could find that the Texas Longhorns were designated as the home team for the game. Outside of a few exceptions, the home team traditionally wears a dark uniform, while the away team dons a lighter color (often times white). Using that logic, it was safe to assume that the Ducks would be wearing the white and green set.

Rob Moseley, Editor of GoDucks.com, later confirmed that the Ducks would be wearing just one uniform with the following tweet.

Oregon and Texas will kickoff Monday, Dec. 30 at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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