Oregon State busts out YOLO: ‘You Only Live Orange’ shirts and brew classes

oregon state beavers 2013 YOLO

For years, Oregon State had struggled under the shadow of rival Oregon’s millions of dollars of Nike funding and countless, ballin’ jersey designs and uniform combinations.

No longer. Not after Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis decided to go YOLO and bring the Nike touch to his Corvallis campus as well.

In all seriousness, the Beavers held an epic unveiling of a total re-branding effort, with the help of Nike. Every sports team showed off totally new, technologically advanced jerseys that included a new school logo, lettering and even plaid for the coaches. During the event, simulcast online and soon after making huge waves on Twitter and the blogosphere, De Carolis, in all of his excitement, asked the crowd if he could “get a YOLO?!”

The Oregon State student body sure has, and this shirt is the first of what we are sure are going to be dozens of examples of that.

You only live once? Nope — you only live Orange, sucka.

But wait, there’s more. In the title we promised more than simply the YOLO lifestyle in athletics, and here it is. For those Oregon State students not training for Pac-12 titles, there is beer. Glorious, school-sponsored, professor-taught beer.

Yes, this is what college students are spending their money on, and yes, this is YOLO, De Carolis.

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