Overrated/Underrated: Biggest story lines from the weekend in sports

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Every weekend, when sports dominate the landscape, infinite amounts of storylines manifest.  Some are sexy and get legs with the national media.  Others may be perceived as too boring, or even regional, to generate headlines outside of local news outlets.  Sometimes the popular stories bear no importance beyond generating headlines.  Here at Gamedayr, we want to keep it honest.  Every Monday we address the underrated and overrated storylines coming out of the weekend.

Overrated: NY Giants start 0-2

The Giants are an enigma every year.  They win games they’re supposed to lose, and lose a few they’re supposed to win.  Each season they hit a swoon where we wonder if they’re “for real.”  There’s no need to panic as long as Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning are around.  The Giants have won a Super Bowl after starting 0-2.  New York media is a bear and this is fuel for the fire.

Underrated: Stanford’s slow start

Sure they’re 2-0, but the Cardinal has looked rusty these first two games.  While Stanford has played down to opponents, their main conference rival, Oregon, has dominated the competition.  In consecutive weeks the Ducks humiliated Virginia in Charlottesville, and then dominated a punchy Tennessee squad at home.  Stanford has limped out of the gate, while Oregon is already in midseason form.

Overrated: Johnny Manziel’s NFL potential

Sure, the Alabama game was impressive.  But seriously, folks, he hasn’t even played 12 quarters this season.  Plus, has Manziel done anything that surprising.  He’s a roller coaster and a fun story, but it’s much too early to assess his draft stock.

Underrated: AJ McCarron’s greatness

Johnny F put up some numbers, but so did McCarron: 334 yards with 4 TDs is nothing to sneeze at.  Time and again McCarron wins the big games.  He can grind out a defensive struggle; he can win in a shootout.  It’s time to start acknowledging that he’s a special college player.

Overrated: Should the Redskins bench RGIII

This one is just starting to get legs, and looks to dominate the headlines for the next week.  He’s been cleared by doctors, wants to play, and has his coaches’ support, so what’s the issue?  The ‘Skins have looked bad and Griffin has been rusty, but it’s not time to pull the plug.  If he’s healthy, he’ll work through the funk.  This is a total non-story.

Underrated: Eddie Lacy and Andre Johnson leave games with concussions

Lacy was the Packers’ first-round draft choice and he couldn’t make it through two weeks without a head injury.  Johnson is one of the game’s best wide receivers.  The NFL settled a lawsuit in the preseason, so talk of concussions has died down considerably.  However, when two Super Bowl contenders lose important players (at high-profile positions, nonetheless) it merits more discussion.