Kiffin Rule? Pac-12 institutes new rule for handling footballs prior to games

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of one of the more embarrassing seasons in recent college football history, one event during USC’s 2012 campaign truly stood out in infamy: Deflate-gate.

After opening the year at No. 1-overall, coach Lane Kiffin’s Trojans would go on to lose six games, becoming the first team in history to pull off that “feat.”

In the middle of the program’s downward spiral, the program earned a fine for actually deflating footballs. It sounds like a small issue, but slightly deflated balls can be easier to throw and catch. Kiffin’s penchant for bending, but not breaking, the rules put the story in the national headlines.

Kiffin then blamed a random equipment manager for doing it, which might have happened, but call us skeptical.

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Whatever actually happened in that equipment room is something we’ll probably never know. However, the Pac-12 is no longer taking any chances. The league announced that, from now on, an impartial person will be in charge of handling all the footballs prior to games. Now, there can be no “misunderstandings” between coach and equipment manager.

The SEC Logo (a great follow on Twitter if you’re into it) put it better than we ever could:

Sounds about right.