San Diego Padres’ Triple-A affiliate to wear ‘Starburst’ uniforms for Disco Night

Yes, this is really happening. The Tuscon Padres, San Diego’s Triple-A affiliate, will be wearing these uniforms during their Disco Night promotion on June 8, according to CBS Sports.

They look, well, interesting.

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tuscon padres uglly uniforms

The Arizona Daily Star has the full story, but basically these uniforms hardly have the right to even exist.

During the 1980 season, the Toros designed these jerseys in a nod to their new affiliation with the Houston Astros. However, washed in warm water, all the colors ran together in an even more ugly conglomeration than what we see above.

Hopefully, for the sake of the current crop of Toros, now playing as the Padres one level below the big boys, these uniforms get ruined in the wash once again.

Then again, could there be a better possible color scheme to do a little disco dancing in? We didn’t think so.

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