NAILED IT! Papa Johns uses John Calipari for 2013 NCAA Tournament pizza promotion

papa johns john calipari 2013 tournament promotion

The powerhouse Kentucky Wildcats were left out of the Big Dance and forced to play their postseason basketball in the NIT. In embarrassing fashion, Kentucky was bounced out of the first round of the NIT by Robert Morris on Tuesday night.

Big Blue Nation is not only down and out, but they are getting kicked in the stomach at the same time.

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We’re not quite sure what rock Papa Johns’ marketing department has been hiding under, but it must be a dark and quiet place.

This is the pizza company’s March Madness pizza promotional ad, featuring Papa John, Jim Nantz, and — wait for it — Kentucky head coach John Calipari.

Nike was recently called out for using former Kentucky player Michael Kidd Gilchrist across several team’s Tournament campaigns, and now it seems like some spirit in the universe won’t let the ‘Cats bow out of March Madness.

All we can simply say is: Papa Johns, you NAILED IT!

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  • Chuck Schick

    WTF? UK is in Lexington, UL is in Louisville, where I believe Papa Johns is headquarted.

  • jhat_trey1

    Papa John and Rick Pitino have had some problems lately

  • ulcardsman

    Yeah, Papa John’s is headquartered in Louisville, but it’s still in Kentucky. The founder and CEO, John Schnatter, even gave millions to UK for their football stadium expansion in the 90s.

  • Reasonable Fan

    Papa John’s Pizza = Catsup on a cracker. Appropriate that all these losers get together for a commercial. Selfish billionaire John Schnatter, sleazy John Calipari. Two peas in a pod.

    • mark

      Spoken like a true Louisville liberal ass clown

  • ulcardsman

    @0452a8fc00ecd8ac8ec69f92ec1a16ef:disqus, if he’s so selfish, why did he personally give millions to both U of L and UK for their athletic programs, and continues to do so, not to mention building major exhibits in the Louisville Zoo and elsewhere? BTW, he’s not a billionaire. Mega-millionaire, yeah, but not *that* wealthy. And you might be confusing the “catsup” pizza with Domino’s. PJ’s got successful with better ingredients, better pizza. 😀

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  • Chicago

    Papa John is just trying to get the UK fans to eat his pizza. They are probably using them as posters in their trailers.