Parents outraged over Las Vegas bar’s Super Bowl joke

The Blind Tiger in Las Vegas angered some locals after posting a Super Bowl sign reading, “Broncos could nt [sic] beat the sick kids at St. Judes.” After catching wind of the banner, a ticked off parent, whose child is being treated at St. Judes, charged to the bar to read its staff the riot act.

Other sites that have covered this story jumped on their soapboxes, so I figured why not follow suit. Everyone needs to chill the hell out. Sure, I can see why a parent would find that offensive, but to kick up a news story on CNN – come on.

It’s a bar. In Las Vegas. What kind of comedy do you expect? Something from the New Yorker. Just looks at the other sign shown in the video – Nuns in wheelchairs=mobile virgins. Is it okay to shit on Catholics and quadriplegics, but not kids. If you’re going to take a moral high ground, then make it across the board.

It’s a piss and fart joke pumped out by a business that turns a profit off of people’s vices. If nothing else, this bar just earned a ton of national exposure from a, frankly, shitty joke. We should start doing news stories when these bars actually post clever banners.