Parents threaten to sue ex-NFL player whose house was vandalized

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Parents of the teens responsible for trashing Brian Holloway’s house have threatened to sue the ex-NFL lineman. The parents are reportedly upset Holloway reposted pictures of their kids to his social media feeds. They worry their children’s college candidacy has been harmed.

So let us get this straight. Kids break into a house. Then they consume mass amounts of drugs and alcohol. Next they break windows, urinate on carpets, graffiti walls, and loot the place (one item stolen was the headstone from grave of Holloway’s deceased grandson).

Finally, to celebrate the debauchery, the kids post a slew of photos online. Now the parents want to sue the victim? For posting pictures in order to help a police investigation?

It’s not hard to tell where these kids’ lack of integrity comes from. Way to stay classy, folks.

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[H/T: NPR]