Should the Patriots have been called for holding on game-winning TD pass vs. Saints?

Tom Brady gave New England fans and the nation some last-second heroics in a 30-27 win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

But perhaps the refs should have never allowed The Golden Boy’s game-winning, 17-yard pass to Kenbrell Thompkins.

Check out the GIF below, via SB Nation. Did left tackle, Nate Solder, hold New Orleans’ Junior Galette on the play?

If he did, did the refs make a mistake in not throwing a flag?

  • MPPB

    There’s holding on almost every play and it’s ruining the game. The officials are deciding too many outcomes. Change the rule for blocking back to what it was before they improved it.

    • William

      MPPB, yes there is holding on almost every play but the refs don’t call it. The issue here though, is that this is the type of hold (and location in the line) that they generally have called. I understand refs missing the holds in the line and on running plays where things can get muddled, but the holds on the outside that stop sacks that would happen otherwise, should not be missed. In this case, I suspect the refs fell victim to the ridiculous idea of “letting them play”. If the game was called as it should, the Saints win despite their ineptitude. As inept as they were, the play should have been flagged for holding. The result would be yards back and I believe a 10 second run-off, which ends the game right then and there. That would be a fair result as had the defender not been held, he would have hit Brady, resulting in a sack, a fumble, or a poorly thrown ball. I am going to try not to think that they get caught up in Brady-mania because if I believe that I would stop watching football altogether.

  • ladyb32

    can you do a story investigating the refs from yesterday’s
    saints/patriot game–if you want to even call it a game. The refs
    cheated the entire game for known cheaters the patriots. on 4th and 1,
    the patriots jumped in the neutral zone, but the refs gave us a false
    start penalty, Brees called for timeout, yet refs claimed they didn’t
    see it, the patriots got 4 timeouts instead of 3 in the 2nd half. in the
    link below you can see how tom brady was able to get all the time he
    needed all game long to throw. Especially during his “game rallying td
    throw” Please get this out there, refs have gotten out of control with
    controlling the games!

  • sanz2000
  • Rick

    You might actually discuss how the holding penalty is ordinarily called and how sometimes things that look like holding are not actually holding. Stand up and answer ‘yes’ to your own question if you think that’s the answer.