Robert Kraft is rooting for Tim Tebow to make Patriots’ 53-man roster

The media surround New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow following Minicamp at Gillette Stadium. (Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports)

The media surround New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow following Minicamp at Gillette Stadium. (Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports)

When news broke that the lightning rod that is Tim Tebow had signed with the New England Patriots, media and fans went into an absolute frenzy. Despite the news, there is no guarantee the former Florida superstar is actually going to be with the team come Week 1 of the 2013 season.

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However, Pats owner Robert Kraft is excited to see The Chosen One work toward making his team’s 53-man roster.

“We want high-quality people who work hard, are team players,” Kraft said on CNBC via “I don’t think there is a nicer person that I’ve ever met, and now he’ll get to compete with all the other people at the position, and our hope is that he’s on our 53-man roster.”

There are only 53 available spots and most have already been locked up by now — including both the starting and backup quarterbacking duties.

“I think Tom Brady, we’re privileged to have the best quarterback in the history of the game,” Kraft said. “But we’re a physical game. Injuries happen. We have another very good quarterback in Ryan Mallett.”

Kraft and coach Bill Belichick have enjoyed a historic run of success with Brady at the helm. Even at the age of 35, no one is expecting the future first-ballot Hall of Famer to go anywhere but perhaps another Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. That being said, Kraft believes there’s still room for Tebow.

“We’re allowed three quarterbacks. We’re in the business of quality depth management. We have a salary cap and we need a number of different competitive players for depth,” Kraft said. “You never know what’s going [to happen]; Tom Brady missed the whole season a few years ago. You can’t have enough quality people in any of your businesses.”

Throughout Tebow’s long and highly-scrutinized free agency process, those within the game could only criticize his skills on the football field. It was nearly impossible to find anyone who was critical of the young man’s demeanor away from the game.

Kraft fell right in line, heaping praise upon Tebow’s personality off the field.

“I don’t get why people wouldn’t relate to this guy big-time,” Kraft said. “For us, it was a great opportunity that he was on the street, not hired, and to have him come to our franchise. We like to collect people of good character. He’s the real deal, and we have a lot of other players [like that].”


“In this age of technology, where people are isolating themselves and going to their little instruments and spending hours of not interfacing with people, people who respect tradition, religion, spirituality, I think we need more of that in America today,” Kraft said.

Hopefully for Tebow, the Patriots need some more of that on their roster.

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Whether Tim Tebow makes the cut or not, he already has a Patriots playing card