Pee Wee Quarterback Truck-Sticks And Stiff-Arms Defenders Like A Man

There’s not much information about this video of a pee wee quarterback going beast mode on several defenders, but in all seriousness, detail isn’t needed.

After a play action, Little Manziel – that’s what we are calling the undersized tike – rolls out to his right and heads up field where he meets a much larger player head-on. Channeling his inner Marshawn Lynch, the little guy truck sticks one defender into a smaller division. He then pulls a Johnny Football all the way down the sidelines, running past the remaining defenders and even stiff-arming another one before scoring a touchdown.

This is probably what Manziel’s pop warner highlight reel looks like.

I’m not even mad that I’m getting overly excited over a youth football highlight. It’s been a looooong offseason.