Phil Jackson tweets reaction to Dwight Howard’s departure from Laker-land

Photo via Dwight Howard/Instagram

Photo via Dwight Howard/Instagram

The legendary Phil Jackson is not the coach of the Lakers any longer. However, with five Tinseltown titles to his name – not to mention 11 overall – the Zen Master’s word is still law in Los Angeles.

On Sunday, Jackson took to Twitter to reflect upon big man Dwight Howard’s decision to sign with the Houston Rockets after spending the 2012 season with the Lake-show. Under the NBA’s current collective bargaining agreement, L.A. was able to offer Howard a max contract of five years and $118 million. The Rockets could only max out at a four-year, $88 million deal, meaning the seven-time All-Star left roughly $30 million on the table in order to not dress in the purple and yellow next year.

As a Lakers fan, that has got to hurt.  The Lakers, one of the NBA’s historically dominant – not to mention most marketable – franchises, are not used to seeing star players walk.

Jackson admitted as much on Twitter, stating that D-12 left a bad taste in the mouths of Lakers faithful. But his tweets make it see he believes the team is better off without him.

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All Lakers fans can hope for is that the Zen Master is correct in his assessment, except of course his assertion that Howard signed with the Astros, Houston’s Major Leauge Baseball team.

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