Philadelphia police to dress up like Saints fans at playoff game

In order to stem some of the drunken buffoonery at Sunday’s playoff game, Philadelphia police intend to go undercover. A select group of cops will be dressed as Saints fans.

During the Eagles’ last home game, a blowout victory over the Chicago Bears, 68 fans were ejected, while 15 were arrested. Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan spoke with Philadelphia television station WPVI and explained the department’s no tolerance plan heading into the weekend.

“Unruly, rude, threatening behavior, it’s simply not going to be tolerated and you’re going to be ejected from the stadium or arrested.”

Snow is expected at the game, and for a fan base known for hurling everything from insults to batteries, Sullivan is not concerned about attendees throwing snowballs.

“I really don’t think snowballs are going to be an issue, but there’s no reason for anybody to throw anything during a game. Anyone who is will not be in that game very long.”

So if you’re at the Linc and some guy in a Saints jersey is debating Geno or Pats, rather than Acme or Felix’s, beware.

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