PHOTO: Alabama vs Georgia from an SEC Standpoint

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This pretty much sums up how Alabama and Georgia view Notre Dame after facing each other in the SEC Championship.

Davis Jaye is a grad of the University of Florida, and although he is currently living in Chicago, he has kept up with his team and even supported his conference in the fact of millions of Big Ten fans and the dreaded winter months.

Saturday Down South had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Jaye and get his take on where the inspiration for such a cartoon came from.

“I think that, right now, expecting a non-SEC team to win the National Championship is like expecting the sun to start rising somewhere other than the East. It’s probably not going to happen.”

“The SEC teams want to kill each other during the regular season, but when it comes to Bowl Games, they rally around each other like no other conference.”

How do you think the Fighting Irish will fare in their first meeting with an SEC team this season?

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