Photo: Black Knights’ five ‘Army Strong’ helmets for 2013 season

Photo: Nick Determan/Twitter

Photo: Nick Determan/Twitter

The service academies have fallen off a bit on the gridiron in recent years, but their uniform game has been on point. With only days to go prior to the kickoff of the 2013 season, Army has several different helmet options to choose from and all are crazy-slick.

Three different lids are of a varying shade of gold, one is black and one is an stylish camo pattern. Two of the gold helmets are Matte, another gold and the black are of the more standard painting patterns, while the camo is just a baller entity unto itself.

None have the team’s Black Knight logos on the sides, so we will have to wait to gauge how the final product looks on Saturdays.

That being said, these bad boys already look Army Strong, and we’re excited to see them on the gridiron.