Athens, Georgia church sign asks for God’s help with Clowney

Photo: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina is headed to Athens this Saturday to take on quarterback Aaron Murray’s Bulldogs. That means the monster that is Jadeveon Clowney will be terrorizing Georgia Between the Hedges.

It looks like a Georgia church will be spending the days remaining praying for the lives of their beloved Bulldogs and asking one very simple question: “Dear God, how do you stop Clowney?”

Newsflash, First Presbyterian Church, Clowney is a comin’.

Maybe they should have a little more faith in coach Mark Richt’s game-planning abilities.

*UPDATE* 4:40 p.m. ET, Wednesday Sept. 4

It appears that we’ve been duped by The Mothership! The sign was created for an ESPN promotion. For the story behind it, visit Sporting News.

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