Photo: Babe Ruth predicted 60 home run season in fan questionnaire

Photo: Michael Bechloss/Twitter

Photo: Michael Beschloss/Twitter

Above is a questionnaire filled out by none other than the legendary Babe Ruth. As it turns out, George Hermann Ruth was not only a beer-guzzling bachelor (notice the hilariously long line he puts across the answer to what his wife’s name is), but also pretty prophetic.

The third question asks the Bambino what year he was planning on hitting a then-record 60 home runs. He wrote “1927.”

On Sept. 30, 1927, Ruth hit home run No. 60 off pitcher Tom Zachary. He was the first Major Leaguer to ever hit that magic number and also made one letter-writing fan extremely happy.

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    The part the writer left out was that Ruth predicted the 60 home runs on September 15, 1927