Bo Jackson’s Nike Air Trainer Max shoes from 1991 to be re-released [Photo]

Photo courtesy @BleacherReport

Photo courtesy @nikesportswear

Back to the future: Nike is going to re-release the Nike Air Trainer Max shoe from all the way back in 1991 on May 25, 2013.

They were Bo Jackson’s shoes when he was a two-sport star and the “Bo Knows” advertising campaign had taken the nation by storm.

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Want to know some crazy events that took place when Bo was wearing these shoes? We thought so:

  • January 8: Pan-Am airlines files for bankruptcy
  • February 5: Dr. Jack Kevorkian can no longer assist in euthanasia
  • February 27: Gulf War ends, and “Kuwait is liberated”
  • March 3: Rodney King gets beat up by Los Angeles cops
  • March 15: Germany formally regains complete independance
  • April 17: Dow Jones finishes above 3,000 for first time ever
  • June 12: Michael Jordan’s Bulls win the franchise’s first NBA Championship
  • July 22: Serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer arrested in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • August 23: The Super Nintendo was released in the States
  • October 2: Arkansas governor Bill Clinton announced that he would be running for President
  • November 7: Magic Johnson announces he has HIV
  • December 25-26: Cold War effectively ends, Mikhail Gorbachev steps down, Soviet Union dissolves

Bo knows history.

[H/T: @BleacherReport]