Volvo gives Bo Van Pelt a pretty funky cake for his birthday in Bulgaria

bo van pelt strange birthday cake

Bo Van Pelt happened to be celebrating his birthday at the Volvo Match Play Championship in Bulgaria. Seeing as Van Pelt is the only American in the field, it was really nice of the event’s organizers to make him feel a little bit at home by providing him with a birthday cake.

Then again, maybe they should have gone with hot dogs, hamburgers or apple pie — because this cake isn’t exactly what he was eating as a boy in Richmond, Indiana.

What is that guy on the cake doing here? Lining up a putt, or hiding from a grenade?

Either way, here’s hoping it tasted a lot better than it looked.

However, we can’t even be so sure of that. Van Pelt did not send out the most enthusiastic tweet in the world when he got his birthday cake:

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[H/T: CBS Sports]