Photo: Bob Stoops anonymously joins the Oklahoma tornado cleanup effort

Photo via @Kenny_Mossman

Photo via @Kenny_Mossman

Recently, Bob Stoops has said a few things that have caused an uproar for all the wrong reasons. With a $4 million annual salary, he stated that he does not believe his football players should see a dime beyond their scholarships.

After that, he complained that the SEC’s recent run of greatness is almost entirely due to “propaganda.”

But here’s the thing: Those stories are simply about sports.

The devastating tornado that struck a mere mile from his home and wiped out the town of Moore transcends anything that goes on within the painted white lines.

And that is what makes Stoops’ anonymous appearance at a local cleanup effort such a pleasant surprise.

The Sooners coach is easily one of the most recognizable people in the state, let alone the immediate area. However, he managed to blend in (you can see him highlighted at the bottom left corner of the photo above) for a good 30 minutes before those around him figured out who was right there alongside them and helping with the massive cleanup effort.

Just a classy move right here.

Photo via Twitter (@OU_Football)

Photo via Twitter (@OU_Football)

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