Chris Kaman’s horse is so excited about joining Lakers it could pee

Photo via Chris Kaman/Twitter

Photo via Chris Kaman/Twitter

Marshall Henderson had himself a tough #whitegirlwednesday last week, and things are starting to get pretty weird around the Gamedayr office seven days later.

It’s not easy to explain how this is our second pee-related item of note on this weird li’l Wednesday, but here we are.

First, the Nashville Predators showed off what is unmistakeably a pee-colored sheet of ice. Now Chris Kaman, the latest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, posted the above photo to his Twitter account with the line, “EXCITED to be a Laker! #Bigthingsahead.”

It’s all seven feet of him. On a horse. While it’s peeing.

Big things are going down in Laker-land in 2013, that’s for sure.

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