Photo: Davone Bess has brain fart, posts weed and blunt to Twitter

How’d you spend your Wednesday night? From the looks of Davone Bess’ Twitter account, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver had himself a fine evening in Plantation, FL. The Browns and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, however, probably wish he would have kept it to himself.

Bess shared a couple of pictures to Twitter, one with a baggie of weed and a half-burned blunt (exactly at 4:20 nonetheless). Oh yeah, and a 5 Hour Energy – the guy was ready to party.

davone bess weed blunt 1

He also tweeted this photo of him and a friend puffing on what appears to be a blunt.

davone bess weed

A professional athlete sends out a bonehead photo of him with marijuana. Blah blah – we’ve heard it before. It’s also going to happen again. I think the real issue here is Bess’ social media account. The wide out was traded to the Cleveland Browns on April 27, 2013, yet his background is still dedicated to the Miami Dolphins.

Okay, maybe the even bigger issue is the Browns themselves. I wouldn’t want to change my account to them either, so I can understand where Bess is coming from.

[Thanks to Thunder Treats for puff puff passing]