Like father like son: Deion Sanders Jr. has gold Versace bedsheets in SMU dorm


We are not trying to hate on Neon Deion or his son in the title of this post. Instead, we are merely pointing out the fact that the elder Deion, better known as Prime Time, happened to enjoy the finer things in life as a superstar athlete.

From the looks of it, so does his son. Set to begin his freshman year at SMU, Junior looks pretty comfortable lounging in his gold Versace bedsheets.

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They are not exactly the cotton nonsense yours truly had on his squeaky twin bed as a wide-eyed frosh back in the day. But, then again, my bloodline is not exactly the same as the younger Sanders’ happens to be.

For his part, Prime Time himself seems to be lovingly bemused by his son.

Is Junior ready to ball out the way his father did? No one can know the answer to that, yet. However, if he performs like his high school highlights show, the Mustangs could have a real player on their hands.

h/t: CBS Sports