Photo: Wisconsin farm carves out amazing Donald Driver corn maze

Photo: Adam Marshall/Twitter

Photo: Adam Marshall/Twitter

OK, let’s just start this post off with all the disclosure we should: The writer of this blog post is a massive Green Bay Packers fan. His last name is Cornfield.

How am I not going to just about wet myself checking out this corn maze featuring the one and only No. 80, Donald Driver? I managed to contain myself, but just barely.

Driver spent his entire 14-year career in the town of Green Bay, becoming a big face in the community and fan favorite – not to mention the franchise’s all-time leader in receptions (743) and receiving yards (10,137).

Now the next question of course, is simple: What’s more prestigious, to have a statue built in your honor, or a corn maze?

Luckily, Driver now has both, so he doesn’t even need to answer.

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