Photo: ESPN has no idea where UConn, any AAC school is located

Photo via Brian Henle/Twitter

Photo via Brian Henle/Twitter

ESPN wanted to try to introduce the nation to college sports’ newest league, the American Athletic Conference. Well, this map didn’t actually help. At all.

Memphis and Cincinnati are in their home states on this map, which is great, but each of their respective stars are far from where both campuses are actually located. Yikes. The same goes for far-off USF, which looks like it is supposed to be in Sarasota, rather than its actual town of Tampa. In reality, every school on this map was clearly off.

But the most egregious fault by far here? Easily UConn. The school is literally known as “Connecticut” but ESPN put it in Massachusetts on this map.

Even worse, ESPN itself is located in Bristol, Connecticut. We hate to hate, but we’ve got to call this map what it is: Fail.

We understand this map wasn’t made by a professional cartographer but still, “The Worldwide Leader” should be better at geography.

It’s alright, UConn doesn’t even know who is in the ACC