Photo: Floyd Mayweather thanks Johnny Manziel for huge win on bet

Photo: Floyd Mayweather/Twitter

Photo: Floyd Mayweather/Twitter

If life can possibly get any better for Floyd Mayweather, we’d like to know how. “Money” just took home a mind-boggling $41.5 million – at least – in beating Canelo Alvarez to remain undefeated on his career.

What did he do with all that fresh cash?

Bet on college football, of course. Mayweather made a whopping $200,000 betting on quarterback Johnny Manziel and his Texas A&M Aggies against SMU on Saturday.

He tweeted out the bet ticket with probably the greatest caption ever: “Congratulations @JManziel2 for putting on a fantastic show. He may not be able to make money off himself but I can.”

As always, Money Mayweather wins.